Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Winter....touches of sparkle

Winter is a blank canvas in which you can make your ideas sparkle. Crystals that can shoot out of your reception venue ceiling as shooting starts, tulle, pearls, jewelery are just only one of the few choices to make your winter decorations amazing. Do you want to sparkle.....let us help you.

Autumn.....beautiful palet

My favorite color is orange. Autumn colors are so inspiring for me that I can give you tons and tons of choices and ideas for your Fall Wedding decorations. Absolutely beautiful if you add touches of yellows, browns, greens, even turquoise like the wonderful sunsets in Arizona.

What about this beautiful centerpieces and idle decorations.


Beach....sand, breeze.......love

"Peaceful nights are magic to dreamers by the sea" D. Hoggan.
I love beach theme for a wedding. One of the things I miss about my country is our trips to the beach. Seams that everything is so magic there. The white sand and the deep blue sea make an stunning frame for your dreams. Love seams to be at the tip of your fingers. Why not enjoy a beautiful and peaceful beach theme for your wedding. The choices you have are endless. Do you want to give it a try?

Table setting for a beach could be so beautiful, far from crafter but fresh and elegant

Shell bouquets, your bridesmaids will love it.

Starfish for a ring holder. A touch of the sea for your wedding. Remeber the movie "The little mermaid"? Makes me remember that song. "Just Kiss the girl" ........soooo romantic.

From your invitations, decorations, cake, a number of beautiful centerpieces, an starfish ring holder, etc. etc. The beach is the best scenario to live your LOVE.

Yes ...We do Baby Showers

We do any kind of events from quinceañeras, anniversary parties, birthdays, graduations to baby showers. Make the mom to be to enjoy a wonderful baby shower in the company of her best friends. I love babies and it is so cute to decorate for them.

Linen and table settings

Our Linen Rental will bring not only your choice of colors for your wedding but an elegant touch.

If we don't have your color we can order it for you

Unique flower sashes, so elegant.

Why tabble setting is so important for us. We offer a diverse types of table setting, it will show your taste and identity.


Photography and Video Services are also provided for your wedding from our team of Phénix Events. Our Vendor has an extense expertise in this area. Make those moments be remembered forever and even better keep them not only in your mind but in a bunch of photos.

The customized options we can create for your wedding event  are great opportunities for stunning and unique photos.


Invitations, Card boxes, Reserved sitting and MORE

Our services include printing, calligraphy, of your invitations. We also can manage your guest list and RSVP for your big day.

Save the Date. If you are planning your wedding a long time ahead but want to participate about the date of your big day before sending the invitations.....we have lots of fabulous ideas.

Reserved sitting and Menu cards are also part of our services. Your special guest could enjoy special seats in your wedding. We manage all the aspects of reserved sitting.

Your gift card boxes, guest book and accesories can be as unique as you want. That dreamed wedding date is full of details and these are some of the ones we offer for you.

Book decorations, are part of our choices to personalize and decorate your guest book table.