Monday, May 16, 2011

Cocktail Time

Cocktails are a very important part of your wedding event. Entertain your guest while you take pictures with your family or just while you are getting ready for the reception after the ceremony. We offer a variety of cocktail options that includes non-alcoholic beverages that could be so refreshing and at the same time so YOU because Phénix Wedding and Events can personalize them. And remember all that makes a difference between a ordinary wedding  from an extraordinary wedding lays in the details.

We can customize the Nutrition Facts of your refreshment bottles to read like:
 Happiness 100%, Commitment 100%, Laughter 100%, etc. etc.

Fabric and Branches amazing decorations

Why lattice and fiber glass columns decorations?. We are dedicated to make your event one of a kind. Fabric and Branches can make amazing arches, gazebos, etc. Dont spend your time. We can make it happen. Leave the expert hands work for you.

Fabric can transform any venue to an extraordinary and romantic room.

Candles, Jars and few more...IDEAS

We can incorporate to your wedding theme a whole new world created just for you. Candles, jars and few more decoration IDEAS we can offer you for your unforgettable day. What make


Lighting for your event. We can create a wonderful light ambiance with easy but sophisticated solutions. Your guest will talk about them....Let them gossip, them will make your event be talked for a long time.

What a beutiful lighiting idea, framed with a romantic sunset........seams like taken out of the 1001 Arabian Nights tales.

 Romantic and created just for you.

More rustic summer outdoor ideas

Summer is the time to show your rustic theme ideas and make them shine like the warm sun of this season.

Summer Wedding time. Are you ready for cocktails and reception enjoying yourself and entertaining your guests in an outdoors event?  

 Have you think how unique you can display your flower arrangements as centerpieces with these rustic touches.

Numbered tables with a wood touch decor. Flowers and candles look amazing in this easy but stilysh centerpieces.

 Who doesn't love the outdoors, make them part of your wedding decoration. Isnt't it wonderful how plant pots can make a fresh rustic decoration for your wedding?

Display all your colorfull wedding ideas with as many colors as summer can have.

This two rustic decoration displays are so nice for a summer  afternoon wedding reception.

Thinking of enjoying a summer night wedding reception? Make this unique candle holders be the light of your decoration. Just LOVELY.....

Different charger ideas. Menu cards add a touch of elegance to this simple theme.

A tight budget. Do not worry, your wedding can still be unforgetable. The details is what can make it unique and far from cheap.
Some bright summer colors with crystal vases and YES.....egg filled with flowers and ribbon touches. They look GREAT.


We love design....but designing rustic is one of my favorites (Veronica). Here are some ideas of how simple things can make your event unique and amazing.  It is a wonderful tool to personalize your dreamed day.


A rustic garden ceremony and reception, this swing set could be stunning for an outdoor wedding theme. Imagine you and your prince sharing your love sitting here......What amazing picture that can be.  
Summer is perfect for your outdoor wedding ceremony and reception, let your guests follow this sign to enjoy a memorable event. Simple...but with a lot of your personalized rustic taste.

Creating amazing event experiences one opportunity at a time

For us a  wedding or event  reflects the style, tastes and personalities of the clients.

The difference from an ordinary event to an extraordinary wedding is in the details. We are compromised to make you experience yours using the five senses. We can make each event one of a kind experience for all of those who are attending. Let us show what we can envisioned for your perfect wedding day. All is cutomized and showed in our process, no matter the number, even from a 30 to a hundred more guests event,  it is the same for us.
But the thing about planning an unforgetable event is that it isn't  neccesarily easy and take a lot of time you probably don't have. That is when we can be your perfect partner.