Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beach....sand, breeze.......love

"Peaceful nights are magic to dreamers by the sea" D. Hoggan.
I love beach theme for a wedding. One of the things I miss about my country is our trips to the beach. Seams that everything is so magic there. The white sand and the deep blue sea make an stunning frame for your dreams. Love seams to be at the tip of your fingers. Why not enjoy a beautiful and peaceful beach theme for your wedding. The choices you have are endless. Do you want to give it a try?

Table setting for a beach could be so beautiful, far from crafter but fresh and elegant

Shell bouquets, your bridesmaids will love it.

Starfish for a ring holder. A touch of the sea for your wedding. Remeber the movie "The little mermaid"? Makes me remember that song. "Just Kiss the girl" ........soooo romantic.

From your invitations, decorations, cake, a number of beautiful centerpieces, an starfish ring holder, etc. etc. The beach is the best scenario to live your LOVE.